Thoughtspace 001: The Fluidity of Fashion

by - Thursday, May 11, 2017

Thoughtspace is a tag in my blog where I will be sharing journal entry-like posts. The entries can vary from fashion to lifestyle to just random, reflective thoughts.

Fashion is becoming more and more fluid. And I absolutely love that.

Most of today's clothing is now agender. It makes dressing up in the morning so much easier. I take a lot of inspiration from menswear, and I no longer have to worry about something looking "too manly." But then again, what is too manly? Why couldn't girls wear something too manly? Why couldn't boys wear something that's too girly? Nowadays, we don't really have to worry about these questions, thanks to fashion's fluidity.

Due to fashion's fluidity, there's so much room to experiment with personal style. For the past few months, I have been experimenting with my style more than ever. It all started when my mom gave me her favorite pair of jeans that she's had since she was 18 years old. They were odd-- they were up to my shin and flared out. At first, I thought, "I would never wear this!" But quitting fast fashion made me realize that if it's still in good condition, it still have some life in it and I might as well wear it. I experimented with wide legged pants first, since they resembled the shape of the jeans. I liked it a lot, and two weeks later, I wore the jeans.

Moving from the jeans, I started wearing slacks more and more. In fact, they made it to my The Round Up: April 2017 list. I also started experimenting with accessories. The only accessory I ever wore was a bracelet my friend gave me for my 16th birthday. From there, I started wearing skinny scarves, which was highly inspired by Kailee McKenzie. She's probably my biggest style inspiration.

I'm still experimenting with other things, but like an actual experiment, it's a trial-and-error thing. However, I haven't had any errors so far, so I guess I'm doing something right(?).

I really encourage all of you to try and experiment with your personal style. It's a pretty fun thing to do, since it's like playing dress up every single day.


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