Better Brands For the Environment!

The following brands and small businesses are ones that I genuinely love and support-- I'm not sponsored by any of these brands. Although I haven't purchased from some of them (yet), I believe that others should purchase from them instead of fast fashion brands like H&M, Zara, Forever 21, etc


• Alternative Apparel (USA)
• Pact Apparel (USA)
• Everlane (USA)
• Maya Miko (GB)

• Patagonia (USA)
L.L. Bean (USA)
Thought (GB)
Alas Sleepwear (AU)
People Tree (GB)
Krochet Kids (USA)
Roots Canada (CA)
Amour Vert (USA)
Eileen Fisher (USA)

Reformation (USA)
Zady (USA)
Zero Waste Daniel (USA)
La Fille Collette (USA)
Bon Label (AU)
Birkenstock (DE)
Veja (FR)
Everlane - (USA)
Matt & Nat 
L.L. Bean (USA)
• Eileen Fisher (USA)

Verameat (USA)
Falling Whistles / What you're supporting

Matt & Nat (USA)
Fjallraven (SE)